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arroyo n : a stream or brook

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, < Vulgar Latin *arrugium < Latin arrugia ("mineshaft") of uncertain origin.


  1. A water course; a rivulet.



Vulgar Latin *arrugium < Latin arrugia ("mineshaft") of uncertain origin.



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Arroyo is a Spanish word that may refer to:


*José Arroyo, an American comedy writer



Arroyo Seco


  • Restaurante Arroyo in Mexico City, the world's largest Mexican restaurant
  • "Arroyo", sometimes used as a phonetic descriptor of the call of the Canaan Dog
  • Arroyo, a company recently acquired by Cisco that deals with video solutions
  • Arroyo, a fictional village in the computer game Fallout 2
  • Arroyo, Ariel Alejandro. AFIP´S tax colector from Buenos Aires, Argentina. División Investigación - Dirección Regional Microcentro
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